MACLT holds land in trust for the benefit of all, and connects people with affordable homes, locally-grown food, and nature. 

Madison Area Community Land Trust (MACLT) is a non-profit based in Madison, Wisconsin, that sells high-quality, energy-efficient homes at below market prices to moderately low-income households. We have 69 homes in our portfolio, as well as a community garden, urban farm, and restored prairie. MACLT homes are more affordable because our homeowners purchase the home only, while the land remains part of the land trust. Our homeowners also agree to resell through the land trust at an affordable rate to keep their home affordable for future generations. Our mission is to strengthen the Madison community by increasing the supply of affordable homes for present and future generations. If you are interested becoming a MACLT homeowner, please review our Home Buyer Guide and Frequently Asked Questionsor contact us.

Recent developments at a glance:

  • In 2019, six MACLT homes were resold to low-income buyers at below-market rates to community members who make 80% Area Median Income or below.
  • MACLT separated out of Common Wealth Development to become an independent 501(c)(3) once more.
  • MACLT welcomed 3 new board members in 2019: Karen von Huene, Olivia Williams, and Jeremy Wodajo.
  • In Spring 2020, Zoe Sullivan replaced Olivia Williams on the board of directors when Olivia took on a staff role.

Big changes in 2020:

Since our merger in 2011, MACLT has been closely associated with Common Wealth Development. In recent years, MACLT’s operations became more dependent on Common Wealth Development, which became a challenge to manage. In 2019, the MACLT board decided it was in the best interest of our membership as well as future homeowners to separate from Common Wealth Development. During 2019 MACLT revised bylaws, reorganized the board of directors, and is now in the process of planning and visioning for the future. The transition into 2020 has also involved relocating the office to the northside of Madison, sharing space with Rooted, Inc., and contracting for bookkeeping services from Rooted.

The goals for the first quarter of 2020 are to redesign the website, update membership and home sales materials, and to modernize our membership communication with a stronger presence on social media, and expanding real time website and newsletter communication. 

New location: 

MACLT is now sharing space at the Rooted office at
2702 International Lane, Suite 200, Madison, WI 53704. But as of March 2020, staff are working from home. They can still be reached at:

  • Karen: (608) 571-4170 | karen at maclt.org
  • Olivia: (608) 285-2691 | olivia at maclt.org

Keep up with us on Twitter: