State Street Coloring Book

We’re gearing up for Small Business Saturday with a fundraiser in partnership with one of our affordable homeowners, Doug Haynes!

Doug recently published the State Street Coloring Book. You can buy a signed copy that supports MACLT through the link here. It makes a great holiday gift for people who love Madison!

Doug and his family have lived in their MACLT home for over 20 years.

Doug Says: I am a visual artist and my studio is located in our home. Having a stable base has facilitated my work. Several of my art projects were facilitated by this location. For example the site where I drew the State Street Coloring Book is a 10 minute bike ride from my home. Living in a MACLT home has filled our need for housing without being an insurmountable financial investment. I am grateful that I was able to get my housing needs met without putting myself deep in debt. Putting all one’s financial nest egg in a home would make it difficult to achieve other financial goals.