Video Library

Community GroundWorks at Troy Gardens:  A community’s effort to protect a beloved piece of land inspired the unique blueprint for Troy Gardens — which combines community gardens, an urban farm, natural areas and a kids’ garden. With the support of Community Groundworks, the vision has taken off and become a national model!


MACLT collaboration with Operation Fresh Start:  Building a home is not unlike building a future.  You want to create something beautiful…and sustainable.  On Madison’s east side, young people from Operation Fresh Start are rebuilding an old home to be attractive but also energy-efficient and enduring.  In this story, see how the process of renewing the house also helps these young people renew their own lives.

Home Depot Foundation Award for Troy Gardens: This video was produced by the Home Depot Foundation, as part of the first prize Award for Affordable Housing Built Responsibly that we received in September 2008.

Jeff Erlanger and Fred Rogers: Jeff Erlanger was a much loved board member of MACLT, and his life-long friendship with Fred Rogers is truly remarkable.

Homes and Hands (English): The best video about community land trusts — newly updated.

Homes and Hands (Spanish subtitles): and now, for the first time, with Spanish subtitles.

Livable Communities Award for Troy Gardens: this video was produced by the National Association of Homebuilders, as part of the Livable Communities Award that we received from NAHB and AARP.

Creating Accessible Communities — Troy Gardens: This was a workshop that we presented at the City of Madison’s accessible housing conference in 2007, focusing on Troy Gardens as a case study for universal design practices.