Selling your MACLT home

If you would like to sell your MACLT home, your first step is to notify MACLT staff of your intent to sell.

MACLT will help you through the steps: 

  • Getting an Appraisal
  • Calculation of Purchase Option Price
  • Connecting you with a buyer
    • We have a new queue of ready, qualified buyers and a system for selecting a buyer you can read about here
    • We will use our right of first refusal and assign it to a buyer from our queue.
  • Connecting you with a realtor to help through the process. Our partnered realtor Tiffany Malone at the Alvarado Group will work with the buyer and seller to finish the process. This service is offered at a reduced, fixed-rate fee added to the sale price through a direct partnership Alvarado Group and MACLT have established.

Resale Formula: You agree to pay it forward

Maximum resale price =
initial purchase price (what you paid for the house)
+ 25% increase in appraised value 
+ Sales fee (to partnered realtor)
+ 100% appraised value of capital improvements (if approved)

You get to keep the equity you have invested and a portion of the appreciated value & the home gets more affordable over time for the next generations of owners!