Board & Staff


Olivia Williams, Executive Director
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(608) 285-2691

Dr. Olivia R. Williams joined the MACLT board in the summer of 2019 and made the transition from MACLT board to a staff position as Coordinator in January 2020. On September 28, 2020, she began working as Executive Director of MACLT. Olivia studied CLTs for her PhD work, and is committed to advocacy, research, and incubation of community-owned land strategies, including housing cooperatives, CLTs, and permanent real estate cooperatives.


2021 Board of Directors

  • Karen von Huene (President)
  • Beth Welch (Vice President, MACLT resident)
  • Shaya Shreiber (Treasurer, MACLT resident)
  • Bob Paolino (Secretary, MACLT resident)
  • Ethan Schwenker
  • Andy Heidt
  • Abha Thakkar

[headshot photo by Casey Bushmaker]